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We have two production cycles each year: fall quarter production, and the winter-spring quarter. Each director is assigned a crew to produce their short film. There are various roles for students, just like in the industry!

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Bike, Ghost Story, Eunomia
How it works

Your journey to a film production in 3 simple steps


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Sign up for meeting reminders by filling out the contact form and follow us on Instagram abd Facebook for updates.

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Come to our first general meeting!

At the beginning of each quarter, we will host a general meeting for directors to share their production needs and for you to sign up for crews. The first meeting is VERY IMPORTANT for anyone who wants to participate in a Fire Escape Film.


Start working with your crew!

After talking to a director and signing up for a crew, you can start working on your film production!

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Student Films

Autumn Quarter Productions


Logan Center Equipment


We have SONY A7S3, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, Canon C100, Panasonic GH5, Canon 5D Mark IV, and more.


We have Rokinon Cinema lenses, SONY G Master lenses, Canon lenses. Both ZOOM and Prime lenses are available.


We have LED light panels, softboxes, light stands, light modifiers, light diffusers, and more.


We have 6 audio kits each includes a shotgun mic, a headset, cables, a mic softer, a boom pole, and a recorder, and some additional Lav mics.

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